We are experts in components design with different materials and production technologies, from composite laminates to light alloys, we are also experts in plastic materials.

Our technicians will project your idea into a high-quality three-dimensional model using the most reliable software available, starting from class A surfaces to ending in complete engineered components.


We are also able to help you with the reverse engineering of components, in accord to our functional collaboration with specialized companies in scanning technologies.

Structural analysis




Find the optimal solution between form, volume, material and construction technology to guarantee maximum product performance. This is the secret to compete in the market. Years of experience in processing data from simulations with experimental data collected in laboratory (wind tunnel, climate room,…)  or during live tests, will help us to support you in this crucial phase of the development of your project.


We can perform linear or non-linear FEM simulations of singular components or groups of components, we also have thermal analysis, dynamics analysis and modal analysis available.

CFD Calculation




To improve your product, evaluate aerodynamic efficiency, optimize cooling capacity, study internal comfort and predict the possible thermal stress of the components, we will make available our experience in aerothermal analysis and we will provide assistance for a possible experimental test, in order to studied a development plan suited to your needs.

TH.E Print




We are able to provide a physical vision of your idea thanks to modern 3d printers.

Various materials available, from plastics and biocompatible materials to metal alloys.

  • S.L.S. (Selective laser sintering)
  • S.L.A. (Stereolithography)
  • F.D.M. (Melt deposition modeling)